Why Do You Need a Roof Inspection?

Roofs come in many shapes, sizes and materials each with their own unique story. But what matters most is that the living spaces underneath stay warm and dry through bad weather. Some reasons to perform a roof inspection include:

Bad weather can cause damage to parts of the roof leading to water infiltration through cracks or gaps. Internal structures can be damaged before a leak becomes apparent from below.


Damage may be covered by an existing contractor or manufacturers warranty. It is important to identify damage within the warranty period so any issues can be raised and repaired.


Different types of roofs have different life expectancy depending on their pitch and material. This should be checked annually as part of ongoing monitoring programme.


Regular inspections help highlight problematic areas prone to repeat blockages or damage so they can be scheduled for upgrade.


Rubbish, debris and vegetation cause blocked gutters. Vegetation in particular leads to root damage to membranes and masonry


Birds can block chimneys and gutters when nesting. Identifying frequent nest locations can be used to plan deterents.

Fast and Safe

We provide roof inspection using aerial photography and video from drones. This provides a faster alternative to roof inspections using a ladder, cherry picker or rope access methods. Roof inspections are made safer as there is no longer a need for persons to work at height on potentially unsafe roofs. Other benefits are as follows:

Images and video captured by our skilled pilots are of highest quality, properly focused and exposed. Fine detail is of up most import to spot any cracks in tiles, leadwork, pipes or masonry.


Unlike ground or ‘out the window’ photography drones have complete view over the roof. Pictures can be taken at key areas at various positions, heights and angles.


Apart from the human risk, drones remain airborne at al times and make no contact with the roof eliminating the risk of further damage or dislodging loose parts.


Pin point damage location from geotagged imagery with latitude, longitude, height and bearing information embedded in the images.


Track recurirng issues with annual inspections. Combined with geotagging key areas can be re-examined to track issues and schedule maintenance.


Pricing to suit your requirements. We can provide a simple pass over down to more length inspection coverage looking for fine cracks

Please note: we are not qualified roof surveyors, rather we provide imagery for assessment by a professonal. It is therefore most suitable for us to work alongside a professional surveyor or site manager depending inspection work. Our images are subject to professional interpretation and we will not provide recommendations on roof integrity or repair.

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