03 Sep 2020

Sky Tech Designs It’s First Drone

Sky Tech has been focused on moving into more specialist drone areas ahead of BVLOS becoming more common place in the near future. This summer we had the opportunity to work on a drone design project with intern Elsa Larsson. Our business isn’t currently strong enough to support full time R&D staff and this provided […]

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24 Feb 2020

Construction Drone LiDAR and Photogrammetry Compared

This article covers the state of the art in drone LiDAR and photogrammetry to capture 3D information for survey and construction. The advantages of each method will be covered in terms of accuracy, complexity and cost. Using drones for survey offers huge time savings over manual measurement on the ground. The data recorded can be […]

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15 Feb 2020

Mapping Glaciers From Edinburgh To Peru

Sky Tech was approached by Ph.D student Rosie Bisset from Edinburgh University School of Geosciences last year to assist with a custom build drone. After a year of bad press for drones and the climate emergency frequently in the news we were motivated to help with a drone mapping project. Rosie’s glaciology project was to […]

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10 Jan 2020

Roof Inspection And Survey

Conducting roof inspections with drones is providing advantages in terms of speed, coverage, cost savings and more over traditional methods. What Is a Roof Survey? A roof survey is where a professional surveyor makes an assessment of the condition of a roof. The condition of tiles, chimney pots, flashing, guttering etc are noted from the […]

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01 Mar 2019

Greener Grass For Grazing

On the evening of the 28th February 2019 we attended the Getting Greener Grass event organised by the Soil Association Scotland. The speaker for the evening was Andre Van Barneveld of Graise Consultancy. The focus of the evening was managing grass growth for grazing of sheep and cattle. Our primary interest was identifying issues farm […]

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23 Oct 2018

Aerial Property Marketing Video

525 Ferry Road Marketing Video from Skytech Aerial on Vimeo. We were approached in early October to create a commercial property marketing video for 525 Ferry Road Edinburgh containing drone footage of the building. This was a unique challenge being close to ferry road and a site with open pedestrian access. Our first thoughts were […]

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24 Sep 2018

Multispectral Data for Agriculture 2018

This year we have been working with a few local farms creating agricultural maps using drones to assess plant health and assist variable rate application of fertiliser, herbicide and pesticides. Using a modified Phantom 3 drone with the Parrot Sequoia multispectral camera we successfully performed dozens of missions this summer on a variety of crops. […]

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26 Jun 2017

Skye’s The Limit

Last week we had an great opportunity to work with the The British Mountaineering Council on a new project. This involved some aerial film work for us on the Isle of Skye, the problem being it was on the summit of a mountain! Skytech Aerial UAV pilot Dave Redpath was up to the task, and […]

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09 May 2017

Agricultural Monitoring Trials

We’ve been refining our agricultural monitoring service which we will offer to farmers in Scotland and Northern England in the next few weeks. We have combined the MicaSense Sequoia Multispectral camera with a modified UAV for data collection. Using the Pix4D Mapper Pro software we can now produce high quality field data to supplement modern […]

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