What We Provide

We provide high quality digital photography and video production on the ground or in the air. We specialise in aerial media using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). We can combine all these media types into immersive virtual tours with 360 photography and video. Our services include:

Our high quality photography is created using the latest digital cameras and techniques. Our use of filters, lighting and editing will prevent images looking blown out or gloomy indoors or out.


We produce short films with our ground and aerial cameras in HD or 4K formats. We use sliders and steady cams to create modern dynamic shots. We can then edit and release online.


We can create and host immersive experiences with our 360 photography, videography and aerial shots. Tours can be viewed on desktop or mobile and support VR headset modes for complete immersion.


We specialise in aerial photography and videography using UAV’s. It’s easiest for us to operate rurally, but with permission we can operate within the city. We also operate pole cams for crowded areas.


Our aerial mapping skills and software can be used to create 3D models of buildings or locations giving viewers a unique perspective. These can have fly throughs or manual navigation.


We are engineers and can create bespoke remote rigs for chosen cameras and situations on a small to medium scale. UAVs, cable cams, remote tripods we can solve it and deliver a solution.

How It's Used

Our work is used in several media outlets, sectors and situations. Some examples include:

For estate agents we provide quality photography, video and immersive tours of client properties inside and out. Our aerial media can add extra flare to marketing schedules and online listing.


For businesses we provide quality photography, video and immersive tours to aid online marketing via website or social media. Our aerial and VR media can deliver additional appeal to draw customers.


Our work is used in film and TV as well as print journalism. Aerial film is a great way to establish a scene. Our UAV’s can supply SDI video for live broadcast.


Our aerial media provides an excellent way to gain a sense of place. Be it county, city, village or place our ground and aerial media will inspire viewers to reach out and make that connection.


We love to capture one time special events, some examples include weddings, sport events, live acts, fireworks, building demolitions. For aerial work we will always maintain a safe distance.


For construction we can offer site photos, video and 3D models for visualisation and modelling. See our aerial inspection and survey services pages for more info on these areas.

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