What We Provide

We provide aerial photography and video using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). This provides fast and safe structural inspection for difficult to access areas at a fraction of the cost of fixed access methods. We provide the following aerial media and measurement:

Our high resolution photography is created using the latest digital cameras and techniques. Our use of gimbals, lenses, filters and lighting help to capture the darkest spots on a structure or shoot in the glaring sun.


We can capture aerial video during inspection in HD or 4K formats. This is more suitable for some survey situations where a small detail could be missed due to onsite distractions, but spotted back at the office during review.


We have HD and 4K 360 camera rigs that can capture photography and video. This gives a unique means for inspection for example inside a large building. Captured media can be viewed on desktop or mobile and supports VR headset modes.


We can provide thermal imagery using our FLIR Vue Pro camera ideal for roof, solar inspections as well as search and rescue. We also use the Parrot Sequoia camera idea for assessing vegetation health such as farming, forestry and golf courses.


We can create 3D models of buildings using our mapping drones and Pix4D Mapper Pro software. This provides an excellent way to pin point details within a structure spatially, something that a photograph cannot provide.


We can create bespoke mounts to lift any measurement equipment up to 5KG using our DJI S1000+. This meets the highest safety standards with multiple points of redundancy including eight rotors, triple redundant IMU/GPS units and dual batteries.

Please note: we are not qualified surveyors, rather we provide imagery for assessment. It is therefore most suitable for us to work alongside a professional surveyor or site manager depending inspection work. Our media is for professional interpretation and we will not provide recommendations on structural integrity.

How It's Used

Our work is used in several sectors and situations. Some examples include:

Architectural firms and construction contractors can benefit from aerial imagery. 3D scenes can be created into which the new building can be placed to conceptualise how it will fit its surroundings.


UAVs can create a 3D overview of a site prior to construction to asses cut and fill volumes. During construction the project manager can be updated to mange progress and stockpiles on site.


Structural integrity can be examined for bowing or cracks. Roof areas can be checked for damage and images used for insurance claims. Heat loss can be examined via thermal camera to increase insulation.


Traditionally dangerous structures for manned inspection include antennae, flame stacks, chimneys, bridges and electricity pylons. UAVs can perform these inspection tasks safely and easily.


Our UAV visible imaging can be used to inspect dams, spill ways, and wind turbines on and off shore. Our thermal imaging camera can quickly identify hot spots in faulty solar panels within solar arrays.


Animal populations such deer or birds can be monitored discretely in remote areas. Vegetation health can be monitored providing insights into habitat and flood assessment.

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